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Tour De Force
How to turn your club tours into a force to be reckoned with and increase membership sales.
Mind/body/spirit exercises, in various forms, have been around for thousands of years. So why is it only now the buzzword on everybody's lips?
Surgeon General Warns of Obesity Epidemic
The United States is facing an obesity epidemic. Surgeon General Dr. David Satcher warned that the rising numbers of overweight Americans (61 percent
Running on Empty
As an industry, health clubs often sell the perfect body in their advertising and promotions. Lose weight, tone, sculpt, build muscle and be beautiful.
The Art of More
You have seven elliptical machines at your health club. The large chain down the street has 17. You feature six on-staff personal trainers. The chain
Pumping Up to Scale Down
The No. 1 reason why most people join health clubs is to lose weight. Likewise, obesity is fast approaching the top spot (just behind tobacco use) in
Welcome to the MACHINE
Group exercise has gotten more sophisticated in recent years. Machines typically used for solo activity from cycles and treadmills, selectorized equipment
Ground Control
Understanding the pros and cons of each flooring option, the root of facility design.
Bank on It
A standard in payment processing, EFT makes dues collection easier and more efficient for health clubs.
Spotlight on Success
Four clubs that stood the test of time share their secrets for staying in business.
Brand Power
Brands sell, and a franchise/license can give a club instant name recognition. But is a franchise or license right for you? A look at the pros and cons.
Spotlight on Success
Four clubs that stood the test of time share their secrets for staying in business.
New Products and Services Review
Martial Arts Supplies
Locker Rooms Exposed! 1
The naked truth about the most overlooked area in clubs
Tyrannosaurus Rx
Afraid that a medical fitness center may drive your club to extinction? Then consider a hospital partnership, which can prescribe success of gigantic proportions.
Executive Insights Videos
Feb 13, 2014
Club Industry

Preview: 14 Observations about the Direction of the Fitness Industry in 2014

Bill McBride, CEO of Active Sports Clubs and BMC3, shares 14 observations about some of the fitness trends he is seeing and where the industry is headed....More
Master Class Videos
Mar 5, 2014
Club Industry

Preview: Overcome the Hurdles in the Life Cycle of Your Club

Karen Woodard-Chavez, president of Premium Performance Training, shares in which of the five stages of a fitness facility's life cycle most clubs get stuck....More

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