Leslie Nolen

A Five-Point Tune-up for Your Health Club Web Site
Many health clubs create a Web site because everyone else is doing it. However, this isn’t the best reason to start one.
Is Your Health Club Addicted to Bad Profits?
Check your business for these five bad-profit practices...
Troubleshooting The Sales Cycle In Your Wellness Business: Part 3
In Part 1, we identified the four key stages of effective sales and marketing strategies: Stage 1: Filling the pipeline with prospects Stage 2: Following up with prospects Stage 3: Exploring ways your business can help prospects Stage 4: Closing sales
Prevent Subtle Sales Missteps
Start by understanding three factors that influence potential customers. If you’re like many health clubs, your sales process and marketing materials overlook these aspects. First, competing choices often seem alike to prospects. Sure, you can rattle off important differences between
How to Recognize the Seven Warning Signs of Personal Trainers Who Lack Respect for Clients
Do your personal trainers treat their clients with respect? You probably said "yes" right away. And for most trainers, that's true. But some trainers become jaded, impatient, or actually hostile
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Apr 21, 2014

Preview: Close More Sales by Using Three Concepts and the Four-Chain Link 2

Use this plan to inform, inspire and persuade so you can close more membership sales....More

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