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Five Web Design Trends Wellness Businesses Should Know About
The latest trends in website marketing focus on clear communication, simplicity and maintainability.
Is Social Media the WikiLeaks of Your Fitness or Wellness Business?

What happens when a social media brushfire harms your fitness or wellness brand, sales, and Google rank?

How To Use News Headlines To Market Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness
The trick to marketing with news stories is to put a spin on the headline that ties it into your fitness, wellness or healthy lifestyle program.
LinkedIn Do’s and Don’ts for Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness Professionals

Are you using LinkedIn like a power tool or a blunt-force instrument? Used like a power tool, you’ll put your best professional foot forward. But if you treat it like a blunt instrument, you’ll undermine your personal wellness brand in front of the world.

What Website Builder Is Best for Your Wellness Business?

In the old days, building a website was hard and expensive. Now it isn’t. These days, if you’ve picked the right website platform, you should never have to pay a developer to update simple text content on your site.

Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness Newsletters: Subject Lines That Make Them Look
Do your health club or wellness center’s marketing emails and newsletter subject lines actually work? For many, subject lines are an afterthought, but your subject line determines whether your subscribers spend even a second looking at your email.
Improve Your Fitness and Nutrition Blog In Eight Easy Steps

Is your blog carrying its weight as part of your fitness, nutrition and wellness marketing strategy?

What Wellness Customers Want From Your Website
Let’s bust some myths about fitness, nutrition and wellness websites.
Five Tired Phrases Health Club Owners Should Avoid
If you’re using the following five phrases in your club marketing materials, it’s time to revitalize your copy with sparkling, specific language that zeroes in on why your members love your health club
Can Health Fair Marketing Ever Pay Off?
Six tips to help health club owners make health fair marketing pay off.
Goin' To The Chapel: How To Sell Wellness To Employers
Planning to go beyond corporate memberships to full-fledged corporate wellness programs? It’s a terrific business opportunity—if you avoid the obstacles that many health club owners encounter when they tackle this market.
Eight Questions That Uncover Your Potential Member’s Motivation
When we work with health clubs on business strategies, we always ask what motivates their customers to buy from them
How To Market Using The Stages of Change Model
How much time and money has your health club spent selling to people who aren’t ready to change
From Royalty to the End of the Road: How to Get the Most From Your Staff
Results matter. But how employees get results—their personality and behavior—matters more.
Creative Wizards Need Not Apply: How To Develop Effective Marketing Materials
Good news: Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be a creative wizard to develop effective marketing materials for your health club.
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