Karen Woodard-Chavez, contributing columnist

Woodard-Chavez, contributing columnist
Two Fast and Simple Ways to Add 10 New Members and $3,000 in Non-dues Revenue Per Month 
These two simple steps will make more money for your club, make more money for your sales staff, make your sales staff's lives easier, increase non-dues revenue and increase retention.
Cultivate Better Leadership Habits That Will Contribute to Your Success 
Recognizing what habits you need to repeat and what habits you need to eliminate can help you lead a successful fitness business and life.
Engaged Staff Members Use 'We' and Communicate a Team Feeling 
Paying attention to the language staff members use when discussing your business can lead to higher sales and a more dedicated team.
Assess and Create Balance Between Sales and Service in Your Club  1
Satisfy members and staff at your facility by reevaluating your service policies and creating a better customer experience.
Clubs Can Learn Service, Sales From Active Aging Retirement Communities 
Leaders of active aging retirement communities know that service sells, and they want to invest in creating a consistent depth of experience that allows them to get and keep more residents. The same approach can benefit your health club.
Maximize Your Follow-Up Efforts with Prospects after Their Tour of the Club
Closing a sale on the day of the tour is not always possible, but by having an action plan in place before the prospect leaves the club, your reps can still be successful in closing the sale.
Engage the Prospect in a Three-Part Conversation to Increase Health Club Sales
If your staff shifts the sales conversation to be about the buyer, they will create a more intimate dynamic, customize the selling conversation, decrease your sales cycle and increase your sales.
Maximizing Phone and Internet Skills Increases Your Club’s Appointments
The more appointments your health club sales staff can set with prospects via phone or Internet, the more prospects they can turn into members.
Create a Systematic Lead Generation Plan for Your Sales Representatives
The responsibility of your membership sales representatives is to generate business, not simply take walk-ins and call-ins. For that reason, your reps must have a five-point lead generation plan (5PLGP).
Focus Your Health Club’s Sales Staff on Five Elements for Success
The success of your health club's sales staff depends on deepening current relationships while creating new ones.
Instill a Learning Mindset in Your Health Club Sales Staff
You should have training materials, defined processes and plans that you expect all staff to deliver for consistent operations, and you should train everyone on them consistently.
Use Sales Standards to Increase Health Club Membership Sales
The more competitive nature of the health and fitness business these days means that everyone must constantly reassess how competitive they are.
A Checklist for Health Club Sales Success
Distractions can prevent your staff from hitting their individual sales goals and the sales goals of the department. That’s why they need a plan to be productive and understand how to prioritize their activities.
Sales Lessons from a Beagle
This Beagle offers a few good lessons on how to make the sale.
Create the Fairmont Experience in Your Club
In February, I attended the Abierto Mexicano (Mexican Open) in Acapulco. It is a lovely small tennis tournament. The organizers have aspirations to make it the fifth Grand Slam. Although I enjoyed my experience at the tournament, I want to share with you the superior customer service I experienced at the Fairmont Pierre Marques hotel, which was next door to the tournament, and how that can translate to the club environment. By Karen Woodard-Chavez
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Apr 21, 2014

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