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Ten Methods for Improving Health Club Sales
Unfortunately, no quick fix for improving health club sales exists, but there are some things you can do when you find sales lagging.
The Warning Signs of Trouble at Your Health Club
Spot the key warning signs of a troubled club early so issues can be resolved before becoming major problems.
Turn Your Front Desk into a Revenue Producer for Your Health Club
There are ways to turn your fitness facility's cost centers into profit centers.
How to Create a Sales Culture in Your Health Club
Club operators must follow some fundamental rules when creating a sales culture in their facilities.
The Problem with a Low-Price Strategy for Health Clubs
Low-price competitors have exposed the lack of a strategy for many independent health clubs.
Networking Groups Can Help Market Your Health Club on a Budget
Done right, being part of a networking group will provide you with an abundance of leads and new resources to grow your health club business.
How to Turn Around a Failing Health Club
Club owners with a failing business may feel hopeless, but you can reverse the decline and restore stability to your business—most of the time.
How to Give a Powerful Health Club Membership Sales Presentation
The quality of your staff’s club tour and membership sales presentation will often determine whether a guest joins your health club or one of your competitors down the street. Unfortunately, most membership presentations lack pizzazz and are seldom compelling enough to motivate the club guest to join your club the day of the visit.
How to Increase Membership Sales in Your Health Club
Here are some proven ideas you can refer to when you choose to evaluate your own sales and marketing efforts in your health club—and they apply not only to your membership sales, but to personal training, juice bar and almost anything else you market and sell in your health club.
How to Fix Poor Staff Performance in Your Health Club
The following are key things a health club owner can do to improve on poor staff performance.
How to be an Ethical Health Club Salesperson
My company was recently asked to conduct a health club sales training class on ethical selling practices
Seven Ways to Keep Your Staff Members Motivated
While working with health club clients who are struggling and attempting to turn around their existing situation, one of the common things I see are managers and owners who mistakenly think that money or the job itself is the primary motivator for their staff
How to Jump-Start Sales in Your Health Club
We receive many inquiries from health club owners who want to jump-start the membership sales in their club. I always refer to it as “sales magic.”
How to Turn Around a Health Club With Lagging Sales
Is your health club producing far below potential? In working with clubs all across the country, I get the opportunity to step into health clubs that are in need of a sales turnaround.
Growing Your Health Club One Member at a Time
The people aspect of the health club business is really what it is all about. Think of your club members and guests as individuals. Once we think that way, we realize our health club is our member -- not the features of the facility.
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