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Social Networking Works For Clubs and Members
The blizzard of information and prophesying about trends in social networking is mind-boggling, and every pundit has a take on what the next best thing
Help Your Health Club Build Connections through Social Networking Sites
An admission: My daughter provided the inspiration for this column. She recently asked if she could open a Facebook account because her MySpace account
Technology Can Pull Us Through Troubling Times
I recently attended a small conference that included some of the best and brightest minds in the industry to discuss solutions to current economic issues
When It Comes to Gaming, We All Benefit from Wii Fit
If you are wondering if the gaming fitness trend is here to stay, simply do a Google search for Nintendo Wii Fit and read the top four to five links that
Great Outdoors Provides Opportunities for Clubs
Recently, I attended the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, UT. The show has more than 1,000 vendors represented in a $289 billion industry in the
Technology Is an Aid To Integrated Wellness
The fitness industry is continuing its shift towards a more holistic approach that includes focusing on not just a sound body but also a sharp, relaxed
Keep Technology Simple For Members or Forget It
I 've written in previous columns about how your members are demanding tools in your clubs that run similarly to the technology they use on their existing
Technology May Save Your Members' Lives
Recently, I had a revelation that technology may save your members' lives. In fact, technology, not exercise, will determine whether or not we are successful
Clubs Need to Cater to The Gaming Demographic
The club industry better start paying more attention to people who play video games on their computers, TVs or game consoles. There are more than 150
This Industry Could Use An iPhone-Like Buzz
I attended the annual Health+Fitness Business show last month in Denver, arguably the most important show for vendors and manufacturers of home-based
Why You Should Reach Out Now to Generation Y
As we try to find ways to service Baby Boomers and Generation X’ers, we are not paying enough attention to our next generation of members, that mercurial group known as Generation Y—comprised of teen-agers or “tweeners.”
Technology Can Integrate Fitness and Health Care
The health of our nation is worse than previously thought and declining more rapidly than most experts predicted. Our industry is making progress and
If You Get Technology, Your Members Will, Too
In the past two years, I have been contacted by two dozen companies, from start-ups to established manufacturers, who have technology products that promise
Small Players Invest in Simplified Technology
At this year's International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) show, I saw some inspiring fitness equipment that was more elegant and,
Technology Will Never Replace The Human Touch
In-club and portable technology has allowed our industry to take large amounts of useful information and combine decades of research and programming to
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