Ed Tock, contributing columnist

Tock, contributing columnist
26 Creative Marketing Ideas for Health Clubs 
Marketing your club for new members has become more of a challenge. You are required not only to work a little harder but a lot smarter. The traditional forms of advertising, such as print media and direct mail, seem to result in very little, if any, response in many markets.
New Media Is Growing Player in Marketing
Marketing for new members has become more challenging lately, requiring club owners to work a little harder and a lot smarter. Traditional forms of advertising
What Winners of the Last Recession Did Right
The record-setting economic growth of the past several years temporarily obscured the reality that recession is a fact of business life. The current business
Try to Get a Head Start On the January Rush
With the biggest month of the year only weeks away, most smart club operators have already planned how to ensure January is not just a good month but
Empower Your Members With Passion For Your Club
This past August, I was fortunate to spend time with many of our industry's up-and-coming leaders while teaching at the International Health, Racquet
When It Comes to Sales, Some Clubs Are Clueless
As we near the end of the summer, we start the much-anticipated fall season, which for most clubs is the start of their sales' peak season. Traditionally,
Stand Out From The Rest By Showing That You Care
Today's club landscape is quickly morphing and changing. Increased competition and higher-level competition (some at much lower price points) are making
A Good Brand Leaves A Good Impression
An Internet search for the terms health club and reveals 145 million returns for health club, 447 million for fitness and 221 million for exercise. The
Get Your Club on Track by Improving its Fitness Level
Two months into the new year, the pressure is still on for clubs to achieve higher revenue goals, get their members to spend more money and make up for
Do Clubs Offer Customer Service or Lip Service?
Service is supposed to differentiate you from the club down the street. Having worked with more than 1,000 clubs in the past 25 years, however, I'm amazed
Keeping Up with the Times
Time has become the most valuable commodity to all of us. In the business world, there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done.
Educating America About The Dangers of Obesity
Clubs would appear to have significant opportunities for positive growth, yet that is not always the case. For every 15 million members who walk through
Membership Retention for Fitness Clubs
Everyone's job description should include membership retention because consumers now have more choices when it comes to clubs. The challenge is how do
Selling Value Instead of Failure to Clients
Are health clubs selling value or selling failure? While every business has the right to make a profit, whether or not the fitness business model will
Focus on Retention
Retention Begins With Your Sales Force
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Apr 21, 2014

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