Ed Tock, contributing columnist

Tock, contributing columnist
Ten Creative Marketing Ideas for Health Club Operators
Health club marketing has become more of a challenge as traditional forms of advertising seem to result in fewer leads. Work a lot smarter by trying some of these out-of-the box marketing ideas.
Drive Better Performance in Your Club by Becoming a Better Leader 
Health club operators can exhibit and nurture certain behaviors to create an organization that gets things done without excuses.
Implement Strong Culture in Your Club for a Competitive Edge 
By creating a strong culture at your facility, you can expect to retain staff, keep staff members engaged and eliminate your own supervisory activities.
Become ‘Great by Choice’ by Testing Your Ideas before Investing in Them
Creative companies that outperform their competitors do so by experimenting with ideas and then implementing the ideas that work.
Health Club Owners Should Instill Five Habits of Quality Execution in Organizations
To be successful, a company has to develop habits that instill a passion for quality in all corners of the health club organization.
Club Owners Should Be in Compliance with Labor Laws to Prevent Litigation
Recently, many fitness facilities have faced class-action lawsuits related to the federal labor laws. The following three areas seem to be of particular focus for plaintiffs’ lawyers.
The 10 Essential Questions that Smart Health Club Operators Should Ask
In today's economy, smart leaders must ask smart questions, such as these 10 essential questions.
Five Traits That Set Successful Health Club Owners Apart from Competitors
A special combination of managerial beliefs, practices and tools that focus on building a healthy organizational culture that drives performance, efficiency, effectiveness and morale can set a facility apart from its competitiors.
Differentiate Your Health Club with the Human Factor Contribution
To differentiate your fitness facility today, you need a business culture based on a specialized combination of beliefs, practices and tools that focus on building a healthy organizational culture. You need a culture based on the human factor contribution.
How Healthy Is Your Fitness Club Business?
Our business is to sell health and wellness to our members, but how healthy is your business? Next month at the Club Industry show in Chicago, I will
Leadership Skills Critical Now for Club Executives
Peter Drucker, author of some 60 management books, says executives worth their pay do not predict trends. Instead, they sense and see trends that are
Rather Than Being a Bull Or Ostrich, Try Being a Fox
How are you reacting to today's economy? Are you the ostrich, preserving the status quo and just hoping for the best? Are you the bull in a China shop,
Proven Health Club Business Ideas Are Worthless Until Implemented
Club owners are searching for new ideas and more knowledge to help them survive and thrive in today's economy.
A Trained, Energized Staff Is Imperative for Clubs
Who gets most of the training in your organization? Is it senior management, department heads or front-line staff? If your club is like most, senior management
Make Your Club Stand Out In an Overcrowded Market
Two months ago, when I presented at the Club Industry East show in New York City, every club operator I spoke with was concerned about the volume of new
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