Bryan O'Rourke

Integerus Advisors

Bryan O'Rourke serves as president of the Fitness Industry Technology Council, is CEO of Integerus Advisors and CSO of the Flywheel Group and Fitmarc. These organizations collectively serve more than 800 fitness facilities in the United States, dozens of global organizations and more than 5,000 instructor professionals. O'Rourke is an entrepreneur, consultant, executive and investor with a 30-year track record of success. As a former club owner, he has worked in the health club and fitness industry for 18 years. IHRSA named him one of 13 to watch in 2013. He has presented at industry and corporate conferences on four continents and is widely published and quoted in periodicals such as Inc. Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. To learn more, visit and follow him on twitter @bryankorourke.

Voice-Recognition Technology May Be the Next Big Fitness Trend 1
The member experience at your health club may soon change if recent breakthroughs in speech recognition and artificial intelligence make treadmills and other equipment reactive to voice commands rather than to just touch.
A New World of Potential Is Here for the Health Club of the Future 4
Welcome to the future of health clubs where the ability to leverage connectivity, applications, sensors, devices, big data and software will converge to deliver more customized, insightful and helpful services to your members.
Health Club Operators Need to Retool to Keep Up with Digital Technology 1
As digital alternatives become more available and as consumers' expectations grow as a result of their experiences around technology, club operators will need to retool and closely evaluate how they are going to compete.
Disruption Intensifies in the Health Club Industry
Disruption has placed its talons firmly on the fitness and health club business in 2015. Better products and services are mistaken for disruptive ones. Creating products or services that are better, cheaper and faster does not necessarily mean they are disruptive, and this is often a point of misunderstanding.
Technology Will Revolutionize Member-Club Relationships for Better or for Worse
The use of new technology and smartphone apps is impacting health clubs and how operators can adapt these new tools in new ways for the benefit and convenience of members. These business model innovations will help grow the marketplace of health and fitness substantially in the years ahead.
Marketing Is Changing and Health Club Brands Better Pay Attention
Marketing techniques are changing because customers have access to more information outside of brand messaging, and they are driving and owning the marketing process themselves because they can.
Is It Foolish to Think Technology Won't Replace Personal Trainers? 2
If you think your personal trainers can't be replaced, you need to look around at existing technology to determine how to prevent that from happening.
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