Bruce Carter, contributing columnist

Carter, contributing columnist
Case Studies Highlight Successful Renovations
How do club owners decide whether they should renovate their clubs and what amount of renovation they should do?
Fitness Facility Renovations Can Make A Big Splash for Little Cost
In today's challenging economy, health clubs need to show that they have added value.
Can Green Design Boost Your Health Club Profits?
The cost of going green has to properly relate to your health club's profits—directly or indirectly—but should be able to be measured to some degree.
Windows, Water, Plants Can Help Clubs Go Green
One of the major themes of the going green environmental movement is the concept of bringing the outdoors indoors. It's as if the high-tech revolution
Using Softer Lighting in Clubs Can Be a Bright Idea
Have you noticed that sometimes you seem to look better than other times? Perhaps you look younger, healthier or thinner. How can you look better in a
Color Is a Valuable Tool In a Club's Environment
Have you ever walked into a place and instantly felt comfortable or uncomfortable? You may not consciously be aware of it, but your eyes are taking in
The Proper Use of Space Can Maximize Profits
In a recent survey about health clubs in Consumer Reports, the magazine indicates that for many people, the idea of a health club is totally unappealing
Clubs Compete Better With New Design, Decor
As the health club industry evolves and faces growing competition, interior design and dcor have become more important than ever to a club's success.
Will Super Clubs Dominate The Fitness Industry?
Many people in the fitness industry are scratching their heads. How can someone build a 100,000-square-foot-club that costs more than $10 million in a
Clubs Can Improve Their Personality with a Smile
People with nice personalities are usually friendly, outgoing, smile a lot and are willing to listen to others. On the other hand, people with unpleasant
Losing Weight is Not the Only Reason to Join a Club
Here's a quick question: What percentage of people who join a health club actually lose the weight they want to lose and then keep it off? Five percent?
To Succeed, Clubs Must Play the Numbers Game
When the fitness club industry first started to gain momentum in the late 1960s and early 1970s, most were opened by fitness enthusiasts who wanted to
The Fitness Cycle May Be On the Down Side for Now
Imagine this situation: You are driving your car to the next town, but you aren't sure how to get there. So, you stop and ask someone for directions.
Forget the Dieting Hype, Clubs Get the Most Results
Everywhere you look in the media, Americans seem to be making great progress when it comes to fitness. Dr. Phil always achieves miracles, diet supplements
What First Impression Does Your Club Leave?
An enthusiastic, long-time member invited her neighbor as a guest to her club. The neighbor had lost weight and wanted to start exercising. Although she
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