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Design a Successful Mind-body Studio in Your Health Club 
Health clubs can attract new members and compete with dedicated yoga and Pilates studios by adding thoughtfully designed mind-body studios.
How to Design a Profitable Boutique Fitness Club  1
To run a successful boutique club, operators should commit to offering a more exclusive experience and design their facilities to make the most of the space available.
How to Negotiate a Lease with a Tenant Improvement Dollars Offering 
Having a landlord contribute to your club's construction costs usually is a positive step, but costs and outcomes may vary. Paying close attention to detail and asking questions about how the money is spent are critical.
Principles of Feng Shui Are Perfectly Designed to Improve Your Health Club
Just as making even small changes to an exercise or weight-loss program can have a significant effect, the same is true with incorporating even simple feng shui concepts.
The Exterior of Your Fitness Facility Provides a Window for a Better First Impression
The first impression people have of your health club is based on its exterior. Whether that impression is good or bad, it affects your marketing and sales.
Other Businesses Offer Great Design Inspiration for Health Clubs
Good design does not just happen. It often requires inspiration, which you can get from other businesses.
Get the Best Contractor to Build or Renovate Your Health Club
Here are key points to consider in getting your project completed on time, for the best price and with quality work.
How to Keep Your Club Members Happy During a Facility Renovation
Before you begin your next health club remodel, do a few things that will make the process easier on yourself, your staff and your members.
A Low-Maintenance Design Makes a Club's Life Easier
Surveys consistently show that a clean club is one of the most important things people look for when choosing a fitness facility and deciding whether
Environment Plays a Huge Role in Member Retention
What is it about health clubs that make them so distasteful to the more than 85 percent of the population that does not belong to one? If a club is selling
Case Studies Highlight Successful Renovations
How do club owners decide whether they should renovate their clubs and what amount of renovation they should do?
Fitness Facility Renovations Can Make A Big Splash for Little Cost
In today's challenging economy, health clubs need to show that they have added value.
Can Green Design Boost Your Health Club Profits?
The cost of going green has to properly relate to your health club's profits—directly or indirectly—but should be able to be measured to some degree.
Windows, Water, Plants Can Help Clubs Go Green
One of the major themes of the going green environmental movement is the concept of bringing the outdoors indoors. It's as if the high-tech revolution
Using Softer Lighting in Clubs Can Be a Bright Idea
Have you noticed that sometimes you seem to look better than other times? Perhaps you look younger, healthier or thinner. How can you look better in a
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