Brent Gallagher

Avenu Fitness

Brent Gallagher, MSS, CSCS, ACSM, is co-owner of Avenu Fitness, a 4,500-square-foot personal training studio in Houston. He has built a brand measuring the quality of life one can live, not just measuring biceps and waistlines. Gallagher invests time coaching high-performing leaders and challenging fitness business operators to come to blows with the status quo by redefining what’s possible for the communities they serve. Avenu Fitness offers 30-minute training programs and a teaching kitchen for nutrition health. 

Non-Compete Agreements Destroy Trust with Your Health Club Staff
Building a high performing team requires a foundation established around trust. And that trust is established through vulnerability. When we force our teammates to sign non-compete agreements, we break trust from the start.
Differentiate Your Health Club by Giving Back Time to Your Members
Your clients and members long for more time, so help them out by giving them more efficient training, but to increase the likelihood they will hit their goals and remain loyal to your club, don't stop there.
Throw Out Your Health Club Contracts
Your favorite restaurant doesn't require a contract, but people keep going back to them, so why do health club operators require contracts?
Sleep and Nutrition Are Vital Elements of Wellness that the Fitness Industry Overlooks
If food and sleep are so important to someone's survival, shouldn't the fitness industry, an industry that wants to help people rediscover their youthful energy and age gracefully, talk about it more?
Grow Your Club's Personal Training Clients and Profits for the Long Term
Don't go for short-term trendy goals when looking to grow your club's personal training clients and profits for the long term.
Personal Trainers Need to Rethink the Value of Their Time and Services 1
It is the industry standard for personal trainers to discount their services when clients buy more sessions. It's time to rethink the status quo and set the bar higher, for your trainers and your clients.
Redefining Time Can Be Key to Success for Your Club, Trainers and Clients
Keeping your club's training programs and business systems simple and becoming more creative with the time available are keys to success for your club, trainers and members.
Time Off Can Recharge and Renew Your Studio Staff and You
You may understand the need for you and your staff to recharge, but do you actually allow time for everyone to do so?
Training Less May Be the Future of Fitness 3
"Busyness" seems to be the new status symbol, with less time to fit in fitness. However, it may still be possible for club members to attain their health and fitness goals in less than the 60-minute industry standard. Getting back to the basics is one of the keys.
Questions to Ask and Answer Before Rebranding Your Club
The evolution of a health club is important for continued growth and success. Knowing how to rebrand your club to keep it valuable and viable for your clients is important. The first step in the process is asking basic questions.
Health Club Operators Need to Foster Entrepreneurial Growth for Personal Trainers 1
A lack of entrepreneurial growth in the fitness industry is causing trainer burnout and forcing them to leave the profession. Health club owners can deal with this dilemma by thinking inside the box and fostering a growth mindset for their trainers.
Paying for Your Trainers' CECs Benefits Personal Trainers and Health Club Operators
Courses that offer continuing education credits can benefit your personal trainers and your club if you choose to invest the time and the money in their training.
Redefine Your Health Club by Editing the Clutter
The key to innovation at your health club is to edit and simplify. Say 'yes' to what works and 'no' to what doesn't. Focus on the best ideas and help to simplify your members' club experience.
Three Keys to Recharging, Refocusing and Recreating Your Fitness Studio for the Future
Fitness studios of the future will embrace a completely holistic approach when it comes to holding clients accountable to living a fit and healthy life through proper sleep, food and training.
Health Club Operators Should Think Better Before Bigger
Club operators face the ever present fear or challenge of getting bigger, faster. But that is short-term thinking. They need to look at the bigger picture by becoming better in their current stage of business to keep their clients coming back.
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