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Ann Gilbert, director of fitness for Shapes Fitness for Women, leads a team of more than 350 fitness professionals. She is a well-known presenter and has received the IHRSA/ACE Trainer of the Year award. For the past 14 years, Gilbert has served as a faculty board member for the Shapes Academy, an internal educational resource for continuing education.

How to Bring Your Boot Camp Indoors
Having a clear understanding of why people participate in a boot camp, why the camp setting is so attractive and why popular trainers choose to jump into boot camp programming will allow a fitness director to launch an indoor boot camp program that can increase retention, referrals and revenue within the club.
Top Ten Programs for Your Female Members
The following are the top 10 programs that I’d suggest offering your female members
Ten Things You Must Know Before Starting an Internship for Your New Trainers
Establishing an internship for your trainers can help improve adherence to your system, create an alliance to the team, increase the understanding of your brand and improve staff retention. More than a probationary period
Eight Ways to Increase Member Usage in Your Aquatics Area
Although many club operators have taken action to fill in pools or are decreasing the number of aquatics classes on their schedule, fitness entrepreneurs are seeing the wet area as the new hub of member activity
Fitness Management: The Expected Evolution in 2010
As each year passes, I can see the evolution of the fitness manager position in the industry. Once seen as a glorified class coordinator and/or top trainer, the fitness manager of 2010 has grown to be a true retention manager
Implementing Kids Programming in an Adult Facility
You can implement children’s programming in your adult facility with a strategic plan of action. The benefits of adding the programming outweigh any of the challenges
Internal Training Programs Help Retain Personal Trainers
Owners and fitness managers agree that people drive the success of the fitness business. Thus, most owners find that the benefits of developing an internal educational resource for personal trainers outweigh the challenges they face in implementing the program
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Apr 21, 2014

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