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Ann Gilbert, director of fitness for Shapes Fitness for Women, leads a team of more than 350 fitness professionals. She is a well-known presenter and has received the IHRSA/ACE Trainer of the Year award. For the past 14 years, Gilbert has served as a faculty board member for the Shapes Academy, an internal educational resource for continuing education.

Welcome New Members to Your Fitness Facility with Unique Integration Procedures
One of the most dynamic ways your facility can rise above the neighboring competition is to create a new member integration experience that will surpass any new member's expectations. If you create a lasting and memorably good impression with new members, they will go from wondering if someone will show them the equipment to wondering when they can bring a friend in to share this experience.
How to Offer Solutions that Will Prevent Group Exercise Staff Burnout
Staff burnout can be a problem at any fitness facility, even with group exercise instructors. Here are some things to do to prevent burnout.
How to Shut the Back Door So You Do Not Lose New Health Club Members in 2013
Today, integrating new members means more than showing them a locker room or a new piece of equipment. Swiping their credit card is just the start of a contract that involves your facility offering new members great service and unprecedented attention in return for them becoming your business’s best promoters in your community. Do the following to ensure you keep your new members in 2013.
Leadership Principles and Managerial Strategies that Help Turn Your Staff into a Winning Team 1
Most people would agree that to be successful a for-profit business must be led by a team focused on customer service and creating a memorable customer experience. However, to reap the benefits of having a customer-centered team, the manager of this team must understand how to take on the leadership role and develop leaders within the team.
How to Put a Boom in Your Baby Boomer Programming
The health and wellness needs of the aging Baby Boomer group go way beyond aquatics workouts and chair aerobics classes.
What Compels a Member to Purchase Personal Training
The keys to seeing an increase in personal training revenue are in understanding your members’ motives and emotional reasoning to purchase personal training.
Welcome the New Member to Your Fitness Facility with Unique Integration Procedures
One of the most dynamic ways your facility can rise above the neighboring competition is to create a new member integration experience that will surpass any new member’s expectations
Teach Your Personal Trainers How to Get Back to Basic Prospecting
Prospecting is an important part of your personal trainers’ jobs, but knowing how to prospect subtly is an art that you may need to teach them.
How to Throw a Low-Cost Member Party at Your Health Club
If you invest a bit of time and just a few pennies on a well-planned member appreciation party, you will see a huge return on investment in retention.
An Outline for Launching a Branded Program in Your Health Club
When updating programming and establishing a fee-based menu, you must ensure that the mission of the program and the vision statement of the facility match up.
Ten Rules for Being an Effective Fitness Manager
Follow a few basic rules to become an indispensible part of your club’s team.
Bringing Back Old-School Aerobics Classes to Your Club Programming
Many veterans of our industry remember the health club scene from the 1980s and 1990s—the excitement, the energy, the dynamic flow of the well-planned aerobic classes of those decades. That nostalgia has led some programming experts to add those choreographed masterpieces into the fee-based line up at their clubs.
Make Room for Fee-Based Programming
Fee-based programming may make sense for a growing number of health clubs. However, switching over to this type of programming comes with its challenges.
Walk the Walk to Help Your Members Achieve Fitness Goals
Why not take a few simple steps and launch a walking group within your facility? Doing so can increase retention, revenue and referrals.
How to Bring Your Boot Camp Indoors
Having a clear understanding of why people participate in a boot camp, why the camp setting is so attractive and why popular trainers choose to jump into boot camp programming will allow a fitness director to launch an indoor boot camp program that can increase retention, referrals and revenue within the club.
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