Amy Florence Fischbach, contributing writer

Florence Fischbach, contributing writer
Teen Shot to Death Outside Virginia YMCA
A dispute between two boys erupts in gun violence.
Man Stabbed Outside LA Fitness Club
A man who had been inside an LA Fitness club in North Hollywood, CA, was stabbed outside the club. A suspect, who also had been inside the club, has not been apprehended.
Breast Cancer Survivors Rebuild Strength with Pilates 1
As more health club operators look to small group training for specific populations to increase ancillary revenue, one program that some operators are implementing is Pilates for breast cancer survivors.
CrossFit’s Unconventional Workouts Attract Praise and Controversy
Even though the CrossFit brand has grown quickly and is viewed by members as a fast way to get fit, the high-intensity workouts also have raised safety concerns, sparking some injury lawsuits and controversy in the fitness industry.
CrossFit Makes Affiliates of Trainers
Instead of personal trainers working for an hourly rate or percentages of what their clients pay for sessions, many personal trainers now are becoming owners of CrossFit gyms.
Fitness Facility Operators Must Learn the Ups and Downs of Social Media
Most health clubs do not have a social media policy even though about 75 percent of health clubs have websites and Facebook accounts and about 50 percent are on Twitter.
Health Club Operators and Personal Trainers Turn to Portable Devices
With the rise of smartphone use and the mobile application market continuing to grow, some consumers have taken their workouts digital, and that means that fitness facility operators must take personal training digital in order to compete.
Seniors Create a Loyal Membership Base for Pilates Studios
Seniors citizens may not be the first demographic that Pilates programming directors target, but many Pilates studio owners have found this market to be a valuable part of their programming.
New ADA Standards Could Affect Health Club Locker Rooms
Health clubs that do not comply with accessibility requirements not only shut out potential members, but they also risk being hit with a civil rights lawsuit.
Elite Athletes Offer an Avenue for Clubs to Increase Training Revenue
SAN FRANCISCO Elite athletes work hard and train hard and they often do so on their own or with a personal coach. However, some fitness facility owners
Green Machines Attract Members, Save Energy and Generate Revenue
Green machines and sustainability efforts at health clubs are paying off with memberships for some clubs.
Functional Training Tools Demand Fitness Floor Space
OVERLAND PARK, KS Health club owners used to cram equipment into every square inch of the fitness floor. Because of the emerging popularity of functional
Express Club Trend Has Mixed Effect on Locker Rooms
OVERLAND PARK, KS The explosion of express clubs in the United States has become a double-edged sword for manufacturers who make products for locker rooms.
Club Owners Look to Insurance Premiums for Cost Savings
OVERLAND PARK, KS Many health clubs nationwide are experiencing lower membership numbers and reduced annual revenues because of the slow economy. This
Flooring Industry Becomes More Competitive
Lancaster, Pa For a little more than 20 months, club owners have had more flooring choices than in the past. That's because in November 2007, rubber flooring
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