Treadmills, ellipticals and dumbbells have staked their claim as traditional strength and cardio fitness staples, but some unique products on the market are trying to take a piece of that claim, often entering health clubs through the group exercise room. Although varying in price, many unique cardio or strength products can be purchased for less than traditional pieces of equipment and have more varying applications in fitness facilities.

Cost-effective options such as Kangoo Jumps can serve more clientele per dollar than a single piece of gym equipment, says Jill Boyer-Holland, Kangoo Jumps director of education and training coordinator in the United States. Based out of Switzerland, Kangoo Jumps were introduced in the United States a year ago as low-impact rebound sport shoes that reduce impact shock.

“A single piece of cardio equipment is going to cost $3,000 to $4,000, and only one person can use it for one hour,” Boyer-Holland says. “That’s 12 people on one piece of equipment. Whereas if you took 10 pairs of Kangoo Jump boots, that is 10 people per hour and 120 people potentially [per day] for the same dollars spent. There is very limited gym equipment for $1,195 that 10 people can use simultaneously 12 hours a day.”

Unique products are most commonly introduced to members in group exercise classes because even though the learning curve may be low for many of them, members usually still need to be shown how to use them, says Quanita May, master trainer on the Freestyler, Surrey, British Columbia, which uses bands attached to a base for functional training. Once introduced to the product, members often will purchase their own to use at home.

From licensing to training, the programming, dynamic and education that are packaged with a product can popularize it even further by not only ensuring users are using the new product accurately but by adding excitement about the product for users.